NABET Local 11 is proud to represent workers at NBA Entertainment.

Master Agreement 2018-2021: NABET-CWA / NBAE Master Agreement 2018-2021 (PDF)


The CWA is offering training for drones, gimbals, fiber optics, non-linear editing and optical testing.
American Rescue Plan ("ARP") Premium Assistance for Members
Sixteen new scholarships will be awarded by CWA's Joe Beirne Scholarship program.
Workers in the Entertainment Industry have been simply decimated by COVID-19 necessitated shutdowns; many of whom have not been able to work since March. Too often when they lose their employment, so too do they lose their health care.
On Monday, January 25, 2021, it came to our attention at NABET-CWA Local 11 that some members and retirees were receiving letters from CWA about a data breach.