Local 11 New York

All base wages in the ABC Master Agreement will be increased by two percent (2%) effective on the first day of the first full pay period after October 1, 2021.
NABET-CWA has not reached a comprehensive agreement with the Company on COVID-19 vaccines.

Recent News

We now ask for the Biden administration's support for our colleagues and journalists overseas who are desperately trying to flee Afghanistan.
Yesterday, your NABET-CWA Bargaining Committee met via video conferencing with company representatives to continue negotiations for a successor agreement to the 2016-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement with River Operating Company.
This bulletin provides an update to the recent raise announcement and CBA negotiations between Local 11 and BRIC
The Company has announced that effective Monday, August 16th, 2021, it will be requiring employees who work on entertainment programming in 30 Rock to wear colored stickers on their credentials which will designate their Covid-19 vaccine status.