Attached to this bulletin is a list of Federal and New York State COVID-19 assistance that is available to working families.
NABET-CWA Local 11 continues to work with NBC Labor Relations and management to address employee concerns as the effect of the COVID-19 spreads.
In response to the Coronavirus situation, the physical offices of Local 11 will be closed from March 18th through March 31st. The staff will be working remotely as they have access to email.
Understandably there is a great deal of stress and anxiety surrounding the coronavirus situation
Dr. Peter Lin explains how the Coronavirus spreads and what we must do to protect ourselves.
The Union has negotiated the right for our Daily Hire members to participate in a Commuter Tax Benefit Program.
Current news story regarding GE Pensions have no impact on our members.
Three percent (3%) wage increase and ratification bonus for eligible represented members working under the terms of the NABET-CWA/NBCU Master Agreement.